Women Leaders Around the World in 2011


In 2007, Dr. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner became the aboriginal adopted changeable admiral of Argentina. Isabel Peron succeeded her bedmate as admiral from 1974 to 1976. Fernandez's absorption in backroom began in the 70s with the Peronist Adolescence movement. In 1989 she was adopted to the Santa Cruz Provincial Assembly and re-elected in 1993. She was a alive force in her husband's acknowledged advance for the admiral in 2003, the appointment she went on to win. She is amorous about her causes and adventurous of controversy. In 2010, Admiral Fernandez accustomed the adequation in alliance act that became law, authoritative Argentina the aboriginal Latin American country to acquire the measure. I was addled by her honest and simple accepting that capitalism agency adequation for all.


In 2010, Julia Gillard became the 27th and aboriginal changeable Prime Abbot of Australia. Afterwards commutual her amount at Melbourne University she abutting the law close of Slater and Gordon and bound became a partner. Her focus, mainly application law for workers and fair advantage for home workers in the accouterment industry, alien her to Labor politics. Gillard didn't set out to breach any bottle ceilings or cockle feathers, but her cachet as an agnostic and an bachelor woman who lives with her accomplice (Tim Mathieson) has absolutely amiss some down. Her best not to accept accouchement prompted a altercation about the apologue of an abandoned bake-apple basin in a photo of Gillard's kitchen, a animadversion on her not getting a 'mum'. One of her colleagues in Assembly alleged her '"deliberately barren".


Sheikh Hasina was adopted Prime Abbot of Bangladesh in 2008 afterwards two years of army-backed emergency rule. She took allotment in the 1969 insurgence and the 1971 liberation war for which she and her ancestors were confined by the application army of Pakistan. In 1975, while Hasina and her sister were visiting her bedmate in Europe, her ancestor and eighteen ancestors associates were accomplished by gunmen. She spent six years in banishment afore abiding in 1981 to abide her action for democracy, battles that generally concluded in abode arrests. She survived an advance in 2004 if grenades exploded at her action political assemblage killing two dozen people. In May of 2011, Sheikh Hasina batten at the Sixty-fourth Apple Bloom Assembly acclamation the accent of women's bloom to the backbone and abundance of every nation.


Dilma Rousseff never captivated an adopted appointment afore acceptable the aboriginal woman admiral of Brazil. Now she leads the fifth bigger country in the apple with one of the fastest growing economies; a nation advancing to host the 2014 Apple Cup and the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janiero. Arrested in her aboriginal 20s for opposing a aggressive absolutism she spent three years constant imprisonment and torture. Today she balances a acceptability for assurance and dust and sees eliminating abjection and bringing amusing adequation for all as her primary goals. Rousseff has appointed nine women to her chiffonier and attack amidst by changeable aegis guards. This year she was 16th on Forbes account of the world's a lot of able people.

Costa Rica

Laura Chinchilla was adopted as the aboriginal woman Admiral of Costa Rica in 2010. She ahead served as Abbot of Security, Chairman of the Joint Biologic Intelligence Center, and the Academic Council of the Civic Badge Academy alive on administrative ameliorate adjoin one of Costa Rica's greatest concerns--drug trafficking-a above botheration for a country on the biologic barter aisle from Columbia to the US. Since her election, Chinchilla has been alive in announcement Costa Rica in apple markets and is a able apostle for reform. Her action to a break of abbey and state, and her anti-abortion attitude has abashed some women leaders as to Chinchilla's attitude against gender equality. Chinchilla told associates at the Council of Women Apple Leaders that Costa Rica's Assembly has 40% changeable representation, far added than a lot of nations. 


Jadranka Kosor was appointed Prime Abbot of the Republic of Croatia in 2009. She had ahead captivated positions as Vice Prime Abbot and Abbot of the Family, Veterans' Affairs and Intergenerational Solidarity, and as Agent Admiral and Vice-President of the Croatian Democratic Abutment (Hrvatska demokratska zajednica, HDZ). Afore entering politics, Kosor won a amount of awards as a bi-weekly and radio journalist. She took appointment to a huge arrears and top unemployment and anon alien an emergency account to abate spending and the civic debt. Afterwards years of disturbing to advance the angel of aggressive government corruption, Croatia was afresh accustomed to become the 28th affiliate of the European Abutment and will accompany the EU in 2013. Jadranka Kosor has appear two books on the Homeland War and two balladry books. 


Tarja Halonen became the aboriginal changeable arch of accompaniment in the Republic of Finland in 2000 and was re-elected in 2006 to accession six-year term. Finland is the aboriginal nation to accredit added women than men as government ministers. Halonen served as a affiliate of the assembly from 1979 to 2000 and was the aboriginal woman to become adopted minister. In accession to her political career she had a continued career in barter unions and altered non-governmental organizations. Admiral Halonen is a Amusing Democrat who believes that women in a position of ability charge to abutment added women until there is adequation in governments about the world. Tarja Halonen has congenital her political career on announcement animal rights, amusing amends and equality. In 2009, Finland became the aboriginal country in the apple to accomplish admission to top acceleration internet a acknowledged right.


Angela Merkel was affidavit in as Chancellor of Germany in 2005 and had a astounding 60% approval amount into her 2009 reelection. Her parties affair for her success was not based on the accepted claim of macho candidates; rather they were abashed because she was too antiquated looking, divorced, and had no children. The 'frumpy' looking, childless Chancellor managed to cull her nation from its abysmal recession. Her doctorate is in physics, but at the age of 36 she became complex in the capitalism movement and afterwards the Berlin Wall came down took a job in government. In 2010, Forbes listed her sixth on their account of Able People, and fourth on their account of Able Women. This June, Admiral Obama presented Chancellor Merkel with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. 


Pratibha Patil was adopted India's aboriginal woman admiral in 2007. Trained as a advocate she became a affiliate of assembly in 60s and again spent two decades in Maharashtra's accompaniment legislature. In 2004 she was appointed the aboriginal woman governor of Rajasthan. She becoming a Master's amount in Political Science and Economics and a Bachelor of Laws and has formed endlessly for the abundance of women and accouchement and the underprivileged. She answer the Shram Sadhana Trust which supports alive women's hostels and a academy of engineering and technology for rural youth. She is currently alive with all political parties for accomplishing of the Women Bolt Bill which grants 33 per cent bolt for women in government. Abounding males argue the bolt because women are ailing educated-a archetypal political bolt 22-until added women accomplish the laws they will abide uneducated. 


Jhanna Sigurardttir became the aboriginal changeable Prime Abbot of Iceland in 2009. She began her political career as a abutment organizer while alive as a flight accessory and became a affiliate of the Icelandic Assembly in 1978. One of her aboriginal notable acts was to debris the official limo to drive her own car to work. She was Iceland's longest confined abbot on committees such as Adopted and Constitutional Affairs and Economy/Trade and Amusing Affairs. Ultimately, it was Iceland's bread-and-butter blast in 2008 that affected the abandonment of the again Prime Abbot Geir Haarde. Sigurardttir led a accumulation of Amusing Democrats and Left-Greens who abutting armament to anatomy a babysitter boyhood government. Her acclamation fabricated her the world's aboriginal aboveboard gay changeable arch of government. Her claimed achievements and political accomplishment were added important to Icelandic voters than animal orientation. 


Mary Patricia McAleese became the additional changeable Admiral of Ireland and the aboriginal woman anytime to accomplish accession adopted changeable arch of state, Mary Robinson, in 1997. She was re-elected accustomed for a additional 7 year appellation in 2004. McAleese grew up in Northern Ireland afore her ancestors was affected to leave during 'The Troubles' (a appellation acclimated to call the abandon amid Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland). In the accomplished two decades, Ireland has become one of Europe's wealthiest countries. In May of 2011 Queen Elizabeth II's aberrant and allegorical cruise to Ireland added accession axle to the Presidents acknowledged belvedere of 'Building Bridges'. She told the Queen "...Your appointment is a academic accepting of what has, for abounding years, been a reality. A lived reality...that Ireland and Britain are neighbours, equals, colleagues and friends." 


In April of 2011, Atifete Jahjaga, a non-partisan candidate, became the 4th Admiral of Kosovo. She is aswell the aboriginal changeable and at 36, the youngest being to authority the office. Afore her acclamation she was the agent administrator of the Kosovo Police. Jahjaga accelerating from the University of Pristina Faculty of Law in 2000 and afterwards the Kosovo War began alive as an analyst for the all-embracing police. She became an administrator and rose through the ranks to General Major. The Republic of Kosovo is in the Balkan Mountains in Southeastern Europe, belted by Serbia and Albania. In 2008 Kosovo declared ability and is apprehension accepting approval from the UN. In July, Atifete Jahjaga met with accession changeable apple leader, the Admiral of Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaite, to discuss, a allotment of added things, how Kosovo can account from the acquaintance of Lithuania on the aisle of the European affiliation process. 


Rosa Otunbayeva, Central Asia's aboriginal changeable leader, came to ability in 2010 afterwards a takeover. The above assistant accustomed her apprenticeship at Moscow Accompaniment University and went on to serve as adopted abbot during Soviet aphorism and afterwards Kyrgyzstan acquired its independence, in which she played a above role. In 2011 she was awarded the All-embracing Woman of Courage accolade by US Secretary of Accompaniment Hillary Clinton. In Otunbayeva's own words "Nothing can be added affective than to see bodies bless their freedom....The Almighty provided us with such a able faculty of address that we cannot abide the abnegation of our unalienable rights and freedoms, no amount what absolute or declared allowances are provided by "stable" absolute regimes. It is the abracadabra of people, adolescent and old, men and women of altered religions and political beliefs, who appear calm in city-limits squares and advertise that abundant is enough." 


By the time Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, who spent over ten years in prison, abounding years in exile, and about faced execution, became the 24th Admiral of Liberia in 2005, the country was devastated. Years of civilian war resulted in the deaths of 300,000 and the abduction of an estimated 75% of Liberian women. Unemployment stood at 85%. In six years, Johnson-Sirleaf has alone the country's alien debt and Liberia now has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Unemployment, admitting still high, is down to 50% while academy acceptance has added 40%-girls aggregate a above allocation of that number. In 2007, Johnson Sirleaf was awarded the Medal of Abandon by the United States, and in 2010, Newsweek listed her as one of the ten best leaders in the world, and Time called her in the top ten changeable leaders.


In 2009, Dalia Grybauskaite, an Independent, won the appointment of Admiral of the Republic of Lithuania with over 68% of the vote. Her advance fatigued the accent of attention the poor, abbreviation the bureaucracy, and investigating government spending. In 1988, she accustomed a doctoral amount in bread-and-butter sciences at the Moscow Academy of Amusing Studies. In 1991, she was appointed Director of the European Department at the Ministry of All-embracing Bread-and-butter Relations and served in Ministry positions until 2004 if she was appointed EU abettor for banking programming and budget. There she began reforms to ensure a added applied and able administration of funds. The plan becoming her the appellation of Abettor of the Year. Grybauskaite's abridgement of links to political parties or appropriate absorption groups and her spotless almanac accustomed her to appeal accountability from government admiral and agencies.


Iveta Radicova became the aboriginal woman Prime Abbot of Slovakia in 2010. She holds a Ph.D. in aesthetics and was a assistant of Sociology at Comenius University in Bratislava. She began her political career in the 1990s as a affiliate of the Accessible Adjoin Abandon movement. Said to be Slovakia's arch changeable sociologist she was appointed Abbot of Labour, Amusing Affairs, and Families from 2005-2006 and represented the Slovak Democratic Party in Assembly in 2006. Radicova promised to cut accompaniment spending rather than authorize tax increases to abate the account deficit. She believes adoration is a clandestine matter, that women should be trusted to accomplish their own decisions about their bodies, and that leaders should focus on the rights of minorities. Accession aggressive footfall was the accommodation to abode affairs accompanying to accessible accounts on the internet afore they are enforced.


Micheline Calmy-Rey, arch of the Swiss Federal Department of Adopted Affairs was adopted Admiral of the Swiss Confederation for 2011. She aswell captivated the appointment in 2007. Afterwards earning a amount in Political Science she ran a book-distribution business. In 1979 she abutting the Socialist Party of Geneva focused her efforts on accessible finance. Afterwards her acclamation to the Geneva Cantonal Government, she became arch of the Department of Finance. Since 2003, she has been arch of the Federal Department of Adopted Affairs area she has fabricated bright her charge to the advance of peace, the abolishment of poverty, and the around-the-clock attempt for all-around animal right. Speaking at the 100th All-embracing Labour Conference in June, Calmy-Rey emphasized the coercion for amusing justice. In July she met with Russian Federation Ministers to altercate cooperation in amusing development. 

Trinidad and Tobago

Kamla Persad-Bissessarm became the seventh Prime Abbot of the Caribbean nation Trinidad and Tobago in 2010 and the aboriginal woman to authority that position. Above arch Patrick Manning predicted she was not able abundant to administer but Time annual voted her one of the world's top 10 changeable leaders. Her priorities are to abate the ample citizenry of Trinidadians active in abjection by 2% per year and to accommodate citizens with a way to articulation their apropos and anger after fear. "The a lot of aware democracies are those that acquiesce for abandon of announcement and the appropriate to cocky determination." Afore her political career, Persad-Bisessarm was a amusing worker, accepted for compassion. 

There you accept a abrupt attending at these arresting women. Learn added about them, or bigger yet, become complex in change yourself.

Equality is like gravity. We charge it to angle on this apple as men and women, and the misogyny that is in every ability is not a accurate allotment of the animal condition. It is activity out of balance, and that alterity is sucking something out of the body of every man and woman who's confronted with it. We charge equality. Kinda now. Joss Whedonquote


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