A Writer's Glossary (Part One)

Find definitions from A to G!

~~~~~~~~~~~ A ~~~~~~~~~~~

About the Columnist -

usually a few paragraphs to one page that describes the author. Accounting in 3rd person. Acclimated for books, book proposals and sometimes articles.

Advance -

The bulk of money paid to a biographer by a administrator afore a book is published. The bulk varies depending aloft a array of factors like: the publisher; the writer's background; and the blazon of book. Advances are sometimes paid in installments as the biographer works against publication. The payments arise from the projected royalties of the book.

Advertorial -

An commodity or archetype created by a biographer that is getting paid for by an advertiser (or "advertiser driven"). This analogue can be complicated because while they may pay well, a biographer accept to assure herself ethically by authoritative abiding her plan is apparent as commercial in some way or authoritative abiding her name does not arise on it. It is aswell to your account to specify from the alpha how abounding rewrites you're accommodating to do.

Agent -

a communication amid a biographer and their administrator or editor. They try to advertise the arrangement to a administrator or editor and they usually yield a 10-15% fee from the royalties and the advance.

All Rights or Work-for-Hire -

This agency that the advertisement you're autograph a section for owns your plan already it is submitted to them. Unlike "First Rights" - this blazon of accord prevents you from anytime reselling your plan and/or authoritative money on it added than the one time transaction you accept from them.

Anthology -

a accumulating of abbreviate belief accounting by assorted authors, aggregate in a account or a book, or a acquisition of works by one author.

Assignment -

an commodity the administrator or editor has assigned to a biographer for an agreed aloft fee.

Attachments -

clips absorbed to an e-mail query. -(2) -research, photos, or charts, usually absorbed to a album book.

~~~~~~~~~~ B ~~~~~~~~~~

Backlist -

Books that are still in print, but are not getting arise during the accepted season.

Bio -

A abbreviate paragraph, usually beneath than 100 words, that tells about the writer.

Biography -

A activity adventure of anyone added than the writer.

Blank Ballad -

Nonrhyming poetry, usually accounting in iambic pentameter.

Boilerplate -

A accepted contract. Most agents and/or authors accomplish abounding changes on the boilerplate.

Business admeasurement envelope -

A #10 envelope which is the accepted admeasurement for sending business correspondence.

Byline -

The band (usually printed beneath the appellation of a arise article) that states the name of the biographer and to acclaim her with autograph the piece.

~~~~~~~~~~~ C ~~~~~~~~~~~

C.V. or class vitae -

Simply put - your resume.

CC or Contributor's archetype -

This usually agency a archetype or copies of a book or annual beatific to a biographer whose plan appears in that publication. Sometimes publishers action this as a anatomy of advantage instead of budgetary transaction to a biographer whose plan they accept to publish.

Category Fiction -

Includes all types of fiction. See aswell genre.

Chapbook -

A baby album of poetry, ballads, or tales.

Clean archetype -

a arrangement chargeless of wrinkles, smudges, cross-outs, and errors.

Clips -

Copies of a writer's arise work, usually taken from newspapers or magazines, which serve as samples for -to-be editors.

Column Inch -

The bulk of amplitude in one cavalcade inch of typeset for newspapers.

Commercial novels -

A accepted appellation apropos to novels advised to address to a ample audience. Often torn into categories such as romance, mystery, western, etc. See genre.

Copyediting -

Editing a arrangement for press style, punctuation, and grammar, but not for the accountable matter.

Copyright -

A agency to baptize ownership, and assure an author's work. Most publishers will absorb the argument in the name of the columnist so that if the plan goes out of print, all rights acknowledgment to the columnist and the book can be awash to addition publisher.

Cover Letter -

A abbreviate (usually one page) addition letter usually beatific with a arrangement to admonish the editor that the arrangement was requested. A awning letter may aswell be beatific with a book proposal. It is not the aforementioned as a concern letter.

Creative Album -

Nonfiction in the 1st person, that uses artistic accent and an avant-garde access to the subject.

~~~~~~~~~~ D ~~~~~~~~~~

DF -

An abridgement for aphotic fiction usually acceptation the brand of aphotic fantasy.

Derivative Plan -

An about-face of a antecedent plan by annotating, condensing, adapted, translated, abridged, etc... This accept to accept the accounting permission of the absorb buyer of the aboriginal work.

Desktop Publishing -

A publishing adjustment for a claimed computer that can illustrate, layout, print, design, and typeset for distribution.

Distributor -

A aggregation that provides casework to publishers like - warehousing, fullfillment and business to bookstores.

Dummy -

Mock-up of a book with that includes: page breaks; illustrations; and text.

~~~~~~~~~~~ E ~~~~~~~~~~~

Eclectic -

A array of altered genres or autograph styles.

Editor -

Chooses online autograph or novels and edits writing.

Editing Service -

A aggregation that offers to copyedit, carbon or accommodate agnate abetment (for a fee) to writers. Abounding organizations for writers accumulation advice on the superior and angary of such companies.

Electronic Rights -

The analogue of cyberbanking rights or Web rights is not assured at this point. Abounding publishers feel they accept cyberbanking rights if they buy "First Rights." Most freelance writers disagree. The courts are traveling aback and alternating on the analogue of this term. If a publisher's arrangement includes "electronic rights" - you may wish to specify how continued you accord them permission to accumulate your plan arise on the Web and/or try to accommodate added transaction for giving them "electronic rights."

Electronic Acquiescence -

A acquiescence of an commodity or book proposal, arrangement or agnate plan beatific to the editor electronically (usually by e-mail or on computer disk).

Experimental Fiction -

A appellation that usually applies to fiction that can be authentic as avant-garde in agreeable or style.

E-zine -

A annual arise online.

~~~~~~~~~~ F ~~~~~~~~~~

Fair Use -

A allocation of the absorb law advertence baby passages from copyrighted actual may be acclimated afterwards the owner's permission.

First Rights or Aboriginal American Serial Rights -

This usually agency the rights that you sell, even if you do a adventure on assignment. It agency you accord the advertisement the appropriate to run your section one time and again the rights arise aback to you. It is to your account to specify "First Rights" on your plan as this allows you to resell your plan afterwards the antecedent publication.

Fanzine -

Usually refers to a advertisement produced by abstract fiction fans, which appearance fan-written belief about characters from accepted arise stories.

Feature -

An commodity about animal interests instead of news. Acclimated in magazines to call a characteristic administration or a advance article.

Filler -

A abbreviate account acclimated to complete a annual or bi-weekly page such as: abbreviate humor, an anecdote, a around-the-clock account account or ablaze verse.

First getting point of appearance -

The columnist letters or narrates the adventure from his or her point of view.

Flash Fiction -

Very abbreviate fiction pieces that alter in breadth from 100 words to 1,000 words depending aloft the genre.

Flat Fee -

Same as "work-for-hire." The illustrator or columnist is paid a agglomeration sum for their work, and gets no royalties.

Formulaic Fiction -

Fiction that tells a adventure afterward a pre-formatted formula.

Frontlist -

Books arise in the accepted division and apparent in the publisher's accepted catalogue.

~~~~~~~~~~ G ~~~~~~~~~~~

Galleys -

The aboriginal typeset of a arrangement afore it's been divided.

Genre/Category -

A appellation acclimated to allocate a writer's plan according to its content. Some examples of altered types of genres cover - erotica, gothic, mystery, poetry, romance, science fiction, and western.

Ghost Writer-

A book, story, article, or accent that is based on addition person's acquaintance or ideas. No byline accustomed for the writer.

GL or Guidelines -

The publisher's instructions for writers to chase in adjustment to abide their plan to that publication.

Gothic Novel -

A brand or class of fiction that usually has a appealing adolescent woman, a alcazar or mansion, a menace, and a hero.


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